Crime Prevention Resources

Resources for Babysitters

  • Caring for young children is a big responsibility. You must protect yourself as well as the children you are watching. To make sure you have everything covered, follow this quick babysitter's information checklist (PDF)
  • Choose Jobs Wisely! Only babysit for people you or your parents know, or for whom you have a reliable personal reference. Accepting jobs for strangers is not safe. Make sure your parents know where you are babysitting. Leave them a name, address, and telephone number of the people you are sitting for and let them know when you expect to be home. Find out what time the parents will be home and them know if you have a curfew. Make sure you ask them to call if they will be home late.

Court Information Resources

Minnesota Attorney General's Office

Credit Report Information

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Elder Abuse

Home Safety Tips

When it comes to your home, make sure you have a routine when leaving or going to bed at night. Our officers regularly find garage doors that have been left open over night, which creates a perfect opportunity for thefts and burglaries. 

Make sure doors are closed and locked, even if you are home or just in the yard working. Motion lights are very effective in deterring criminal activity as are any landscape lighting.The use of timers for lights and televisions/radios are good if you plan on being away for an extended period of time.

During vacations or long weekends, have a neighbor or relative check your property regularly and report anything suspicious.

Identity Theft

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Landlords & Tenants

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Scams (including phone scams, lottery and other scams)

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Senior Citizens - Information to protect yourself and those you love

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