Building Inspections


City Hall is open to the public.  It is preferred that you call and talk to staff first before stopping in person to City Hall. Many questions can be answered through a phone call, email, or by visiting the City’s website. For business that needs to be conducted in-person and is more involved in nature, or needs more discussion, please call ahead and set up an appointment with the appropriate staff person.  Visitors are strongly encouraged to wear a face mask.

Permits and inspections are still required for projects.  Permit Techs are available to assist you.  If you have general questions about your project, permit questions, or need to schedule an inspection, please call 763-767-6476 and leave a detailed message.  We will return your call as quickly as we can.  You can also reach us by email

Many residential permits are available by ePermit.  

Residential Inspections
-  Occupied homes which require entry will be inspected by video, using FaceTime or Google Duo (video chat mobile app). 

New structures, vacant, and exterior work only inspections
-  Site visits will be done. 

All commercial inspections
-  Site visits will be done.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience during this time. 

Inspectors are monitoring their voicemail and email.  Feel free to contact an Inspector.

Chief Building Official, Gregory Brady, 763-767-6475.  email Gregory

Building Inspector, Adam Mitlyng, 763-767-6593.  email Adam

Building Inspector, Rodney Spiering, 763-767-6580.  email Rodney

Building Inspector, Phil Marvets, 763-767-6595. email Phil

Electrical Inspector, Nick Jackson, 763-767-6567.  email Nick

Mechanical Inspector, Josh Stewart, 763-767-6572.  email Josh

Plumbing Inspector, Brian Koopman, 763-767-6592.  email Brian