Old Town Hall

Establishing the Anoka Town Hall

On April 18, 1894, the Board of Supervisors of Anoka Township met at the site of the new town hall to consider plans and estimate the cost of a new town hall. This site was part of Section 21, Township 31, Range 24. The site was 122 feet by 100 feet and was donated to the Town of Anoka by Joseph Wilson and his wife for the purpose and intention of having a town hall erected thereon. The town hall was used by Anoka Township until 1946. Excluding a shed built out back to store wood, the dimensions of the building are the same as when originally built.

Later Building Use

Earl Dunn and his wife Ruby bought the building in 1946 to use as their residence. In the summer of 1979 the building was hit by a car which rendered the building no longer habitable.