Organics Recycling

Nearly one-third of the waste that goes into curbside bins is organic material. In a landfill, organic material breaks down into methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. Instead, drop off your kitchen scraps, discarded leftovers, spoiled food and BPI Certified Compostable products in our organics recycling program at the Recycling Center.

Drop off containers are available 24/7 just outside the Recycling Center fence.

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What Items Can Go in Organics Recycling?

Any food item and plain, uncoated paper products. 

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Compostable paper products must have this BPI Certified Compostable logo. Products with this logo have been through rigorous real-world testing to ensure they break down into quality organic material. 

Learn more about BPI certification here.

Organics Recycling Guidelines

Anything that comes directly from a plant or animal can go in the organics bin.

  • Fruit and vegetable peels, pits and scraps
  • Meat, bones and dairy products
  • Eggs and egg shells
  • Nuts and shells
  • Spoiled food
  • Leftovers
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cooking fats and oils absorbed by paper towels (larger amounts of liquid oils are collected separately)

Still not sure if a specific item can go in organics recycling? Ask us here!

How Do I Recycle My Organics?

  1. Use the collection bucket we provide, or your own solution. 
    A container with a vented lid should minimize odors by allowing moisture to evaporate. You can also store your organics in the refrigerator or freezer until you can bring them to the Recycling Center. Line your collection bucket with a BPI certified compostable bag or use a plain paper bag. Three-gallon bags are available for free on the fence behind the collection containers; 13-gallon bags are available for free in the building.
  2. Drop off your organic recycling at least once a week to minimize odors. 
    The bin is clearly labeled "Organic Recycling" and sits in the right corner as you enter the lot, outside of the fence. Park and carry your bag to the bin. Material must be in a tied bag. Please do not park in front of the bin as you will block traffic.

Who Can Use Organics Recycling?

All residents of Anoka County can use organics recycling at the Coon Rapids Recycling Center.


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