Streets Division

City Maintenance

The main responsibility of the streets division is to maintain city streets and sidewalks to ensure they are in safe condition. Street Division duties include:
  • Crack sealing
  • Mowing street medians and low maintenance right-of-way locations
  • Repairing potholes
  • Salting with chemicals for de-icing roadways
  • Removing snow from city-owned roadways
  • Sweeping of city-owned roadways
  • Assisting the Utilities Division with water main break repairs
The city has over 200 miles of residential streets (over 400 lane miles meaning plowing/driving both directions on the street), over 340 cul-de-sacs, and nearly 100 miles of sidewalk to maintain. The streets division maintains all blacktop streets. There is also a year-round crack sealing and pothole repair program.


The Streets Division is responsible for clearing snow from all city streets, cul-de-sacs, and sidewalks. The city owns 11 trucks with front plow and wings that plow paved streets. Sidewalks require a small sidewalk machine to remove snow. Learn more about the city's snow plowing on the Snow Removal page.

Street & Park Signs

The City of Coon Rapids also operates its own sign shop where street and park signs are made. The Streets Division maintains city owned:
  • Residential roadways
  • Sidewalks
  • Signs, street lights, and traffic lights
  • Storm drain system