Sewer System Maintenance

Maintaining the Sanitary Sewer System
The Utilities Division is responsible for maintaining and operating Coon Rapids' sanitary sewer system which involves daily inspection and maintenance of city lift stations, inspection of sanitary sewer lines and removal of system blockages when they occur.
Jetting a Line
Coon Rapids has equipment to televise, inspect, and remove debris that might be clogging sewer lines. Employees inspect and "jet" a line and vacuum larger debris from the sewer system main line when necessary. Manhole locations are spot-checked monthly and sewer lines are cleaned on a sectional basis covering the entire city every three years.

Private Property Drain/Line Cleaning
 Call Public Works at 763-767-6462 if you have your service line cleaned by a drain contractor. Sometimes roots from private sections of line are pushed into a main sewer line, which can sometimes cause problems for others.
How to Prevent Sewer Backups
  • Do not pour grease of any kind down your drain
  • Don't flush any type of hygiene product, even if it says flushable

Sewer Lining Project
For the past several years, the City has been lining all clay sewer pipes with an epoxy resin material. The process involves usin ghigh pressure hot water to cure the epoxy resin in place, which creates a new inner pipe within the existing clay pipe. The process is long lasting and does not require the streets to be torn up which is a huge bonus! It also prevents tree roots from growing into the pipes. This project will be complete after 2017.