The Coon Rapids trail system consists of several miles of paved walkways providing residents with access to natural areas, wildlife, and public parks.

Mississippi Regional Trail

The Mississippi Regional Trail Corridor begins at the northwest corner of Coon Rapids and passes through the southern portion of the city beginning at 122nd Avenue and Zea Street, following the Wedgewood Trail to Coon Rapids Boulevard, passing through Dahlia Park and Riverview Parks to Mississippi Boulevard where it enters the Coon Rapids Regional Dam Park and exits the city at East River Road into Fridley.

Sand Creek & Coon Creek Trail

The Sand Creek and Coon Creek Trail System begins at the entrance to Lions Coon Creek Park and follows Coon Creek then Sand Creek from Hanson Boulevard to Foley Boulevard and north into Bunker Hills Regional Park.

The lower portion of the trail follows Coon Creek (where the creeks split) and begins at Xeon Boulevard and Northdale Boulevard. The trail crosses Highway 10, and continues behind the City Center, through Erlandson Nature Center and Robinson Park. Eventually the trail will link with the Mississippi Regional Trail to the south. Older portions of the trail have recently been widened and repaved. View the Sand Creek Trail Map (PDF) for more information.

Marshland Park Trail

Marshland Park Trail begins at 124th Avenue and Northdale Boulevard and continues through a natural area before it ends at Crooked Lake Boulevard to the east of the park. View the Marshland Park Trail Map (PDF) for more information.

Wildwood Park Trail

Wildwood Park Trail winds through the park located just east of Shenandoah Boulevard from 131st Avenue to 133rd Avenue. A play area and basketball court are nestled into the woods adjacent to the trail.

Pheasant Ridge Park Trail

Pheasant Ridge Park Trail contains several access points with the park itself located at 119th Avenue and Pheasant Ridge Drive. The large trail loop passes through woods, marsh, and open spaces. View the Pheasant Ridge Park Trail Map (PDF) for more information.

Prairie Oaks Park Trail

Prairie Oaks Park was completed in 2004. The park and trail wanders through the interior of the surrounding neighborhood offering a scenic view of oaks and prairie. A section of the trail tunnels beneath Hanson Boulevard which will eventually connect the to Woodland Oaks Park and will continue west to become a part of the Northern Regional Trail System. View the Prairie Oaks Trail Map (PDF) for more information.