Lesson Descriptions

Basic Skills - Youth & Adult

Basic Skills Youth - Ages 4 to 14

For skaters interested in both figure and hockey skating, Basic Skills lessons teach all the fundamentals of the sport of skating including forward and backward techniques, stops, turns, and edges. These levels prepare skaters with the knowledge to advance into specialized areas of skating.

Basic Skills Adult - Ages 15 and up

Coon Rapids Skating School's Adult skating lessons are designed to promote overall fitness and improve balance and coordination while mastering skating basics. Six levels of skills are offered, adult skaters work at their own pace. Skaters who complete Adult 6 enter Pre Free Skate with skaters of all ages.

  • New skaters to our program should register for Basic 1/Hockey 1. Evaluations will be done the first day of class and skaters will be placed in the most beneficial level
  • Basic Skills lessons must be taken in order, Basic 1 through Basic 6. Skaters then advance to Pre Free Skate
  • Each week, lessons include 30 minutes of instruction and 30 minute of practice time
  • Practice ice is scheduled before or after instructional time and must be used the day of the lesson, only the enrolled skater is allowed on the ice during their lesson and practice ice

Free Skate

Pre Free Skate - Free Skate 9

Free Skate lessons offer the advancing figure skater nine additional levels of skill building after Basic Skills have been mastered.

  • Skaters advance in sequential order, from Pre Free Skate through Free Skate 9
  • Each week lessons include 30 minutes of instruction 
  • 3 admissions to public skate are applied to the registered skater's account for practice time during the session. These admissions expire at the end of the class session.

Contract Ice

Contract Ice

Contract Ice is used for extra practice ice, semi-private, and private lessons and is available to all Coon Rapids Skating School skaters and US Figure Skating members. These lessons are a great way for skaters to get more individualized attention and to learn a broader variety of skills. Coaches must be Coon Rapids Skating School Coaches.

  • After registering for contract ice, skaters are required to contact their coach to schedule their lessons
  • Contract Ice is limited to 22 skaters

Specialty Classes


  • Bronze Spin - Open to all skaters who have passed Basic 6
  • Silver Spin - Open to all skaters who have mastered the back spin (4 revolutions)
  • Gold Spin - Open to all skaters who have passed Free Skate 7 and have mastered a Change Sit and Camel Spin, or, with the Skating Director's permission.

Jump Technique

Jump Technique lessons are open to all skaters who have passed Free Skate 4. Jump classes help skaters develop the skills needed for Axels, Double, and Triple jumps. Exercises to increase rotational speed and air position will also be covered.

  • Low Jump Technique - For skaters in Free Skate 5 through 7
  • High Jump Technique- For skaters in Free Skate 8 and up, or with Skating Director's permission

Moves In The Field

Moves in the Field lessons help to prepare skaters to test the U.S. Figure Skating edge tests called "Moves in the Field."

  • There are eight levels of skill building, beginning with Pre-Preliminary
  • Open to skaters who have passed Free Skate 3
  • Some levels with similar elements will be combined, skaters will be grouped according to level


Low Edge is open to skaters in Basic 4 through Free Skate 1. Skaters work on edge and balance exercises.