Water Meter Replacement

The City is upgrading its residential water meters. Thousands of water meters that are near the end of their useful life will receive upgrades. Meter replacement is mandatory and comes at no cost to homeowners.

Properties that are due for an upgrade will receive a letter from the City of Coon Rapids and Ferguson Waterworks, our installation contractor. You must follow the instructions to call or make an online appointment for installation. Equipment that is nearing the end of its useful life must be updated and it is the owner’s responsibility to schedule an appointment.

Please note that meters in the same neighborhood may not necessarily be replaced on the same schedule. The replacement process occurs in phases throughout the City, based on the age of each water meter. 

This is a multi-year process that began in 2021. In all, approximately 15,000 residential water meters will be replaced.

Water Meter Notice and image of letter on a table

To Make an Appointment

Only schedule an appoint if you have received a letter from the City of Coon Rapids and Ferguson Waterworks. Please have your account number ready when making an appointment.

Call 1-877-860-8376 or go to https://utilityscheduler.com/scheduler/coonrapids.