Native Plantings

Native Plantings Guidelines

City Code 8-500 outlines the requirements for native planting areas, including:

  • Must be in well-defined areas with borders; no overgrown lawns
  • Setbacks include: 20 feet from front lot line and 5 feet from side and rear lot lines
  • Soil erosion must be controlled during and after plantings are established
  • Must be maintained to industry standards
  • May not include turf grass

Is City Approval Required for Native Planting Landscape Areas?

There is no application or permit process required prior to planting. However, talk with your neighbors about your plan, the benefits of native plantings, and how they differ from overgrown turf grass and noxious weeds. Learn more about how your landscaping can help to protect pollinators on the city's Protecting Pollinators resource page

Additional Resources

Coon Rapids has a comprehensive resource page on pollinator-friendly landscaping options, that includes information on how to install bee lawns, pollinator gardens, and native planting areas in your yard. 

The resources below provide additional information that may be helpful: