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In all the times Missy Scott has felt powerless, she has turned to words. She finds solace in poetry... And the hope for a better future.

“My poetry tells stories that I've been through in my life),” she explained.
​“And so that's how I cope with stress, and that's the reason why I write poetry because it helps me, it keeps me stable, it keeps my mental state on point and it just tells my life story.”

​ Her story is a difficult one. Missy bounced between Indiana and Minnesota as a teen, fleeing abuse. At 15 years old, she hid her pregnancy and dropped out of school. Now 37 years old, Missy found herself at the Stepping Stone Emergency Housing shelter in Anoka. When she arrived in November of 2017, Missy was homeless, scared, and lost. She spent four months at the shelter receiving counseling and guidance.

​ Her case manager, Ebony Johanessen said Missy’s progress was remarkable.

​“It was amazing, honestly, she has a drive and she's very motivated to meet those goals that we set.”

​The most important goal was finding a home. Missy moved into her own apartment in February.

​“If you put your mind to anything, you can accomplish your goals,” she said.
​“You have to have stability, you have to have a foundation, and you have to have patience.”

​Her counselors at Stepping Stone encouraged Missy to share her poetry. She was in ninth grade when she first began writing about her experiences, but it was the first time she had shared her poems with others. Staff at Stepping Stone recently invited Missy to perform her poetry live on stage at a fundraising gala for the non-profit.

​The following is an excerpt from her performance.

​“Life” by Creathal “Missy” Scott

Life has been so hard for me
​All the hurt, pain and misery
​Life has brought me all the way down
​ Life has turned so many smiles into frowns
​Life has had many days and nights full of rain
​Life has stabbed me in the back, filling me with so much pain
​Life has made me stumble and fall
​Life has pushed me so far back against the wall
​But I have turned my life around
​God started me on my journey and picked me up off the ground
​ Life has shown me so much more
​That I have two daughters and grandkids I adore
​Life has shown me that all I have to do is pray
​ And God will wash all my tears away
​ Life has shown me the woman I need to be
​ I thank God for setting me free
​ So now I'm living my life and I know my place
​I'm going to continue this fight until I win this race

​ Now, the future she writes is one of hope.

​“It's never too late to turn your life around. Some takes a little longer than others, some takes sooner. It took me a little longer to get to where I'm at.”

​After finding a home, another goal is to go back to school. For now, she is focused on slowly furnishing her new apartment and building her online business. Missy just launched a web-based jewelry site where everything sells for just $5.

​You can shop the website at www.beautifuluniqueaccessories.com.

​ Jennifer Anderson reporting
​May 16, 2018